Sunday, September 13, 2009

Portland Timbers...

I am a very big fan.. love going to the games when I have a sitter as my son is still to small to take to the games, YET! Next season or even better, when Portland joins the MLS in 2011, he will be ready for the big games.

Tonights game was against the Cleavland City Stars and you know, only one red card was thrown, and that was actually very nice to see. In some of the games, the opposing team gives some pretty cheap shots. I understand the frustration of losing, or almost losing, or the fact that they have better ball handling techniques, its no reason to kick a player in the gut or cleat them in the knee.. its just uncalled for.

The Timbers lost todays match, but you know, it wasnt from lack of effort, just the opposing team was better. In all the games that I have seen I have never once seen a Timber's player make a cheap shot. I have however seen teams help each other up, even in the heat of battle.

Once the Timbers become apart of the MLS, I proudly will sit in the beer garden in level with the field and cheer, scream, chant my guts out whenever possible.

If you have never been to a Timbers game, I highly recommend going to one. There is a section there, 107, that houses the Timber Army... a high energy group of fans. They cheer, scream, whoop it up, and encourage our men to win.. Timber Joey can be seen with his chainsaw getting the crowds rallied together.

If you are a family, you might want to steer clear of the TA section, sometimes bad language can be heard from this section, but nothing that doesnt happen at any other soccer venue. Britain has a very rowdy fan base. On Saturdays families can sit in the beer garden, its on the level with the field, but it is first come first serve, and you will see the same fans sitting there game after game.. granted, its not as rowdy as the TA section.. but nonetheless, enjoyable.

My first time attending one of these games, my mom and her friend and I sat in the beer garden and thus, there after. I was sitting at the table, watching the game with great enthusiasm, but not as much as my mom was into it. She was standing on her seat cheering, screaming, rooting for her team, and I was mortified, embarrassed, how could my mom be doing this to me.. and then I looked around... EVERYONE was standing on their seats.. it occurred to me then, My Mother IS a fan.... and thus, we started going to the games, and racing down to the beer garden to get our table.

In the near future my son will join us at the games..just waiting for the moment that he will watch the games with us and not get scared of the noise!!

Go Timbers!!

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