Saturday, October 15, 2011


I graduated in June of 2010, and I have been looking for work since then. I am in the medical field, and it has been a long road, but I am now finally employed.  It was frustrating, and at times, heart wrenching, going to interviews, applying to jobs daily and never hearing anything back.  Until a couple of weeks ago, when I got an email from a Recruiter for the company that I am now working for.  She said, I think you should apply for this, and I didnt think I was qualified for the job, but I applied, and within two days, got hired, did my drug screen, and then health screen, and poof.  Started work two weeks ago.  It was a long process, approximately 700 job applications filled out, and yes, I kept count, countless interviews, and always hearing that same phrase, " we decided to with someone with more experience, or we hired from within."

But, in the end, I kept pushing, Im a hard worker, extremely smart and a wonderful employee, I knew that there would be something for me, but alas, it was taking forever...

I hope that if someone reads this, and they are looking for work, keep pushing, keep trying, there is work out there, and some employers, just want to see you push through the brick wall, and be triumphant. 

Breaks my heart that some people got in over their head, and are taking their lives, death is not the answer, yes, its tough out there, yes, the bill mongers are knocking on the door, calling everyday, but just keep pushing, there is something for everyone, you just have to be willing to put in the effort.

In my chosen field, half of my class is not working for the career that they went to school for, some went back to previous jobs, or found other work, and you know, that is just fine, work is work, and providing is just providing, it doesnt mean that you can't switch jobs later...

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