Saturday, May 10, 2014

TIme Flies

I have not been the best little writer on this blog.. life has kept me busy that there doesnt seem to be enough time to blog.. chat.. etc.. I work full time, Mom full time, and in the in between times, working at looking for new musicians, meeting and greeting new fans, bands and musicians to our humble little internet station. I'd like to say i'll do my best, to write, but it is never going to be that.. so, the randomness is what it will be.. in March, i lost one of my nearest and dearest to suicide... Mike, i miss him more than i understand.. Im never going to get that midnight phone call to say hi, and tell me how the 3am sushi place down the street from his house was open and how yummy it was. And why wasnt i with him... No more good times, long calls... Distance never separate two hearts that really care... guess that till continue, until i get to heaven.. I miss you my friend.. only you and my heart know how much, because i have no words....

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