Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So Yesterday on Dec 28th, 2009 I was in school and saw my teacher looking out the window, and I asked what are you looking at, her reply, "its snowing" it was very small flakes, nothing important, 5 minutes later it was an inch high on the cars.. it went from 0 to Hell in less than a half and hour, and the forecast was for rain. SO when class was over, I left, at 3pm, I didnt even make it home 5 hours later, I made it to my in laws home.. When I left I got on the freeway and headed home, its about a 30 minute drive to and from school, its all freeway and nice.. but since I was sitting with a quarter tank of gas, I knew I should get off, get gas, before traffic got ugly, to late.... it was ugly, the exit I took because it was a familliar one, turned into the worst winter driving night mare. So many people dont know how to drive in the snow where I live, its unreal, they think if you have money a sports car will do, but the logic doesnt work that way with snow and ice. So me in my 4 cylinder car, made it up and over mountains and hills, covered in snow and ice. I finally got gas after 4 hours of fighting stop and go traffic, more like stop, park for 30 minutes and move a bit. I wasnt scared, nervous, but worried a bit about whether or not the gas would make it. I finally got gas, the attendant said if I took this tiny street and down two more streets, I would get to where I needed to go, MY INLAWS. Just before my phone died, I called my boyfriend told him that I was headed to his parents house since I was near by. And I made it....

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