Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

My great Hope is that this year continues the approval from 2009... it was such a wonderful start in 2009 but slowly everything fell apart. My boyfriend lost his job, and we had to cut back on everything, and go without even the littlest of things. We looked at it as a bad thing in the beginning, but now I am back in school, our son will start day care and meet new little friends. And as soon as I am done with school, my boyfriend will go to school, might not have been how we planned it, but its a start. And we are trying, at least that is happening. Can't get anywhere without it. So that is how we kicked off the New Year, continued our financial conservatism and just enjoyed the night at home with our little family. This year will bring progress even though deep in our hearts its the right journey, it still sucks terribly to have a job loss. Your life isnt your own, bills have to be shuffled, and that was never something I liked, even when single, but now, we are a family and things have taken on a new priority. We are grateful, and will continue to grow. I hope to keep an ongoing blog that I had started several months ago, I hope to at least write once a week. With school and a small child, and home to contend with, those take priority over blogging, but I will try and get a few words down when there is time.

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