Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank You's

I have so many reasons to complain, but I don't, one might ask why even with all the hardships we have had in 2009. I just know that there are others out there facing way more hardships. I still have my home, and a healthy family, that is worth so much more than I could have imagined. Life throws you curve balls, and as our Father reminded us at Mass recently... he said, " Sometimes God doesn't like what he see's that you are doing, and gives you awhile to change what you know that you can, but if you don't... Whack, down comes the hammer." I believe he spoke to several in our parish, and things are changing. I am in school, and my boyfriend is on a new path for himself. Might be a bit of a struggle, but we are making it. Each day forward is a leap later ... I was woken this morning by our little guy.. almost 18 months old, and I rushed to him, and he gave me this great big morning hug, then wanted down, he immediately ran for the bathroom door, opened it, and flushed the toilet.. baby steps.. in a couple of days we will bring in his own potty that he got from Santa... its the little things that just make me smile. I was not prepared to wake up at 5am, as I had gone to sleep at midnight after making Thank You cards, and doing a bit of studying for the final this Monday... so after he had a little cup of milk and a drink of water, I put him back into bed with a couple of books and a night light.. sure enough, he was back to sleep in minutes.. we later woke up at 9:30.. had breakfast, and he's back to sleep at 11... soon we will head to my in laws.. Nana is home from visiting her Mom, and will love to see her little guy.. who as I looked at him this morning, must have grown some while asleep, he appeared taller, so maybe in a week or so, his 2T pants wont need that roll of the cuff.. He's so long in the torso that we are grateful for the 2T shirts he got... I packed up his 12-24 mos clothes the other day.. sometimes I wish that I hadnt gotten fixed and we could have another one, but right now is definitely not the time to be thinking babies, and deep down, I am glad we are blessed with our spirited little one.

Life is a journey, sometimes it might feel like you are alone, but if you turn ever so slightly, there is someone there. Either in the form of a spouse or loved one, to a rambunctious toddler showing you his way.

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