Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!!!

Today we got up, and quickly got dressed and headed to Costco to meet up with Nana and Papa... as my son was slowly coming out of sleepiness, he realized where he was and saw that Papa was there with his standard frozen yogurt.. Mmmm!! After that was devoured and groceries were bought for the upcoming Sunday Dinner, we headed home for a nap. As soon as the nap was done and over with, we got out the vinegar and yep the standard box of PAAS Egg Coloring Kit... what a wonderful tradition, even at my age I still love to color eggs. We got everything ready, and our son, who is 21 months old, just looked at the eggs and the brightly colored water and said. "Eh" I took that as he didnt really care, but he sure loved holding the eggs once they were colored and dried. Its so amazing the traditions we get to pass on to our little people. Tomorrow morning, we will have a feast of a breakfast, and then go hunt for eggs that the Easter Bunny left for the little person in our household.

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