Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Return to School...

if you ever get the chance to return to school, do it before you have a family, or make sure that the kids are a bit older. I am nearly done, and I will be so glad to get onto a more permanent schedule for Patrick. He has the same schedule, but some days are a bit topsy turvy. Once I start working he will start day care, wish it wasnt so, but I have found a great day care on paper, now we just need to go out in person and take a look.. I always envisioned myself staying home for a little while longer, but that is not what life had in store for me. I'm excited for all of us to take part in this thing called work, day care, life. I have huge trust issues with people in regards to how they care for Patrick. So far, only Grandparents are allowed to watch him, maybe that will change when he talks more, and can tell me how his day went. I know there are other parents out there that feel our anxiety. But as he grows up, we grow up as Parents, but I'm still very skeptical of certain people wanting to watch him. Just got to see how it goes. I am really working hard on the day care thing, its going to be so good for him, and having him interact with other kids..

School is rough, but not that rough, just when I get into a groove of school, its nearly over, but thats ok, and I hope to work, and then go back to even more school once Patrick is in kindergarten.. but thats a few years away...

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