Monday, August 2, 2010

GEOCACHING-- have you tried it?

If you like adventure, time with your family and a bit of exercise, this is something for you. I started my first profile in 2005 and have had quite the adventure, but now that we have a small family, I started a new profile, clean slate so to speak, as my boyfriend has never done this, so when we go out, I hope to add his words as the "newbie". You can find Caches all over the world, so if you are going on vacation, check to see if there is one where you are going. Most require a GPS, most cell phones have this function. Some cache's just want you to post your journey online, and how you got there, some just want a picture, or better yet, little treasures, fun small things. I hope to continue this blog post, with our adventures. Just in our zip code alone, there are over 500... this isn't something new, this has been around for ten years, and millions of people follow... why don't you?

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