Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Night Terrors in Toddler

Last night I actually went to bed before 11pm, and thank goodness for that. My bf and I were awoken by our son at 2am, and he was having a night terror. if you have children and have experienced this, you know the anxiety that I speak of. If not, it is when your child is half asleep and half dreaming. I went into his room, and thought if I covered him up, he would just move past it, but he stood up crying and i picked him up out of his bed. I was walking him to our room and he flaled back. I am so glad that I was expecting this, because I was able to keep us from both falling over.

I layed him on our bed, and he looked right at me, like he didnt know me, almost right through me. And flipped out, so I threw all of our bedding on the floor, pillows, everything, and laid him on top, so as he lifted his legs and slammed them down on the ground, he wouldnt hurt his little feet. This lasted about 20 minutes, and he has done this a few times, and it's usually because he's not feeling good, and this is the first sign, so just going with what I normally do, luckily, his favorite cartoon is on ondemand, so at 230, we watched Caillou.... bless Caillou, he started to "wake up", meaning it took him a while, he stood up, I asked him if he wanted to sit on the bed with us and cuddle, and he just looked at me, as if to say, what did you say? and so I repeated and he said yes, and then I asked if he wanted a drink.. yes.

Phew, so we moved passed that hurdle, and guess what, after he had his drink and cartoon and was calm, I tried putting him back into bed, and he flipped out, normally he cries for a few minutes and then passes out, well he screamed, and cried, so I went and got him after an hour, and we did it all over, see, before I usually had given him a small bowl of plain cheerios, so this time, that is what he got, ate about 30 of them, and after another cartoon, and its now 4am, I put him back to bed, and he fusses, cries, and throws a fit, and after about an hour, he see's the day light coming, its nearly 5am, and he falls asleep.

I had to be to work late today, thankfully, so after eating his real breakfast at 8am, we had an early lunch at 10:30am, and I put him to bed, he was so tired. He slept for 3 hours, I went to work, and heard that Daddy had an ok day with him. When I arrived home, at 630pm (work for a Naturopath) he had just gotten out of the bath, smelled so good, got him some medicine from the doctor, and he and I played outside for a few minutes, I dressed him for bed, and at 715p I put him in bed, read him two books, he fussed for about 10 seconds, and I havent heard from him since. All I have to say is that kids are the funniest little creatures.. they are so predictably unpredictable. LOL

In a couple of hours, I will be headed for bed, I am so tired, but still going, why you ask, because I have more work to do, and just want to vent this out. If you have a child that has gone thru this, let me hear from you.

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  1. I'm lovin' the tunes on your blog! My brother used to get night terrors. I remember he would scream bloody murder on a regular basis. My mom would go in to check on him and he would sit up in bed, with the lights on and still not be awake. It was like he was in a trance. It's freaky. They say kids outgrow them so hopefully it won't last too long at your house.


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