Saturday, November 3, 2012

Superstorm Sandy

What a bitch!!

I have been in daily contact with a friend who has no power, and who is down to his last can of fuel... he's letting people into his home to shower because he has heat.... in trade for a little gas... this is just one of millions of stories going on right now.. some scraped by, some dodged a bullet.. and others, have lost literally everything but the clothes on their backs...

At the local level, im seeing some great things, but on a federal level, im seeing the same ole "lets wait and see attitude".... this is such crap.  If you want a country that is built on a strong foundation of do-gooders, then let them do the good.  Let them help, start working together, but instead, we are creating a bunch of enablers saying.. well, we should plan for this better.. well better is RIGHT NOW!

Put the military in, lets get to work.... and dont tell me we dont have the resources because i've been told my whole life by my family, the "system" that we are the greatest country in the world....

I am so hurt, angered and just downright pissed off that people are still without power, still without clean dry clothes... a little food.. i've donated and if i could, i'd be out there as a volunteer... someday... but lets hope that at the local level things get done faster, its not like they didnt know that the storm was coming..

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