Monday, July 20, 2009

Portland, Oregon to Helena, MT with a one year old

The drive is between 10-12 hours long, seems like it takes longer to get there than it does to get home.. maybe because we think there is plenty of time to get there if we leave around 8am, but nope, usually people are waiting up for us, and we have to hurry. Over the weekend we drove to Montana, where my boyfriend is from. But this trip, I was going to get to meet almost all of his cousins, I do believe he has 14 first cousins, and all of their spouses and children. Crazy Fun!!

I love sitting in the passenger seat taking photos and just looking at all the beautiful scenery. This photo is just about 25 miles outside of Helena, MT, its near McDonald Pass, the sun was setting, and I was able to get the camera out and take this photo.

Our son loves being in the car, the only time he gets fussy is because he's wet, or wants a drink.. when he was real small, if he cried, he was preparing to fall asleep. He is such a trooper.. when we would stop for either him or us, we would let him get out and walk.. He has only been walking about a month or so, so the legs are still like that of a new sailor.. now that he's older and taller, he can look out the window and see the scenery, sometimes he even laughs, not sure at what, but only he knows.. maybe when he's older, he can tell us. Coming home, he was even better, the ride was about two hours shorter, mainly because we didn't stop as much.. once we got him into the house, i let him play for a few minutes, but when i picked him up and told him it was snoozy time, I showed him his bed, and laid him down in it, i never heard a peep out of him until about 5am.... what a great trip

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