Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Picky Eater

The question was asked of me, what do I feed my son.. who is one, I feed him whatever I am eating, unless its spicy. Patrick gets a lot of veggies, steamed or raw.. also the same with fruit. Some Kids are picky eaters, some only want to eat one color of food, just gotta find what works and not give up... I give that advice to myself...

Breakfasts... small bowl of cheerios with blueberries, applesauce, or pear sauce, toast, oatmeal,

Lunches sandwiches, usually rye bread, lunch meat, cheese, mayo and mustard, then I smoosh it, and cut into small bites, and give him two at a time.. ravioli that I make, he loves spaghetti and red sauce. Red Sauce is usually green, red, yellow and orange peppers diced, olives, mushrooms, tomatoes and a bit of spice.

Snacks-- sliced cheeses, grapes cut and quartered, sliced pickles also quartered, olives cut in half, more blueberries, we live next door to an organic blueberry farm... wheat crackers broken into fourths, or Annies white cheddar crackers ( his fav.)bananas, peaches, pears, cooked carrots served after being in the fridge, peas, soft stuff

Dinners- last night he ate two turkey meatballs with red sauce, didnt care for the spagetti, even though it most mostly veggies, he likes sauteed red and orange peppers, when we make us taco salads, we take a bit of the meat out before we add the hot stuff, and sprinkle some cheese on top,

we dont give him juice, its either 2% milk or water and nothing else.. Hes off the bottle, so each meal and snack he gets a cup of milk wth a straw,

I know that im doing good now, but what about later, both myself, and two of his uncles were or are still very picky eaters, so i am going to get Jessica Seinfelds book, Deceptively Delicous, some of her recipes are wonderful... like sweet potato fries, or pumpkin pancakes...

In my baby book, Toddler 411... we graduated from Baby411, it says that it takes up to ten times to introduce a new food to a small child, but most parents give up after 2-5 times.. it also said that depict a childs small list of menu items they will eat, they will get all the nutrition,

another is pedisure, talk to your Doctors, and see if Pediasure could be added to your list... If you need any other ideas, i have lots of other foods that Patrick gets... today for lunch we had a sandwhich, I made me one, and he ate several pieces.. i had a salad, but he had the goodies that went with it, radish, cucumber, stuff that he can eat, he has 8 teeth, and does real well with them..

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