Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Facebook this...

Its funny how day after day, the morning ritual of turning on the pc, and signing on to facebook has become a norm for me and my fellow bookers. I sign on almost weekly and there is always someone new from my past, usually from school. But most recently, i was looking for people, and came across several distant cousins that I had met on a trip with my Grandma. This trip took us to every place she or a family member had lived in the last 100 years. And sure enough, on Facebook, there are my distant cousins, and so super happy to see them, and to catch up and see how we all turned out. I tried myspace, but that got boring and on a moment of boredom I checked out FB and became hooked. Totally hooked i tell you. I play a few games, Farm Town, wow, what a crazy addictive game.. we call it Farm Crack. I enjoy FB very much, I can easily see who is doing what, where, when, and if there is a little lunch get together with a few friends, then I am there. My longest standing friend, Lynette, she and I have known each other since Kindergarten, and we have been having lunch together, with other gf's from the way back, and it is truly wonderful.. We were in school together for so long, but then parted ways when we went to different high schools, its just amazing how we just picked right back up like there was just no separation... very grateful for FB.

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  1. I too have become addicted to Farmtown,so has my Brother, , too funny


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