Friday, July 24, 2009

Farm Town...

you know who you are... your the one that wastes hours at a stretch plowing, harvesting, and other wise, tending to your fabulous farm. I took a break from FT and wow, lots of changes, I have been planting pineapple every three days, and after reharvesting etc, i get about 150,000 coins from it.. so far I have a little over 600K, I dont think I'll use the money for the Mansion when I level up. But its nice to have it just incase there is something I really like. This was an addiction of sorts... I love gardening, but being in a small home with no yard, we cant wait to get our own home, but playing for endless hours took its toll, I finally had to pull the plug on FT, but now I am back for a bit, but what is the addiction for you? Its also a great teaching tool... teaches kids that there is a lot of hard work involved in farming.

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