Saturday, July 23, 2011

Babysitting Grandma?? I dont think so LOL

My Grandma lives with my Aunt and Uncle its a great set up for the three of them. But they needed a break and I volunteered. I thought that it would be harder, since I have a son who is allergic to all the animals that they have here.  One dog, who thankfully got sent to Doggy daycamp, and three cats, who I wish could have joined them, but we are at the tail end of the journey here, and so far its been, ok..... here is what has happened to make it just ok.

My son, has a slight cold, he's 3, and that means coughing, hacking, sneezing, and lots of snot.. what happens when  a child gets built up with snot... they start coughing and then vomiting because they are coughing so much.  Luckily, I am a pro at cleaning up vomit, as I have my own troubles, so I threw my son over the sink, and he did his business down the garbage disposal.

We arrived on Friday, and I set up his portable crib and he asked if this was where we were going to sleep and I said yes, so he went to bed, but I had to give him his inhaler and he hates being held down, because he wont willingly let you put the mask over his face.  He doesnt need it often, and I think that is part of the problem, but thats ok, I'd rather have this be a once in a while thing, other than a daily ritual like so many other kids have to do.

The night went off without a hitch, Grannie went to bed around 8, and Patrick went to bed around 9, and fell asleep around 10.  I stayed up til Midnight listening for him, fell asleep on my Aunt and Uncles bed, and woke up to Patrick coughing and full of snot, so I gave him his inhaler, and boy that sure helped, cleaned him up, and put him in bed with me.  I wish he wasnt allergic to animals, but that is what way it is.

We got up this morning, had breakfast, and made sure Grannie was ok for the day, so I could take home to give him a nap and a break from the cats.. He slept for almost 4 hours... in his own bed, and happy.

After a small bite of lunch, we headed back to Grannies, which is about an hour away from our house, and picked her up to go to a small birthday party for our cousin Rick, who turned 60.  It was nice to see the family but I was on Patrick patrol, I try an encourage him to wander away from me in controlled situations, but he just wasnt buying most of it today.

But after getting use to seeing everyone, he let me eat, and then he wanted to play.  After about an hour, we needed to go, because they also had animals there, so it was time to go, and Grannie was getting tired.

She has been plagued with Arthritis since almost birth, so she is in pretty much constant pain, which has to be frustrating, because the mind is sharp as a tack, but the body says, Im tired, so she read my cues and we got ready to leave.  I so have to send a big thank you to my cousins for helping us out to the car with her and her wheelchair. Its amazing how those memories bring thoughts of my Great Grandma, her Mother.. same thing, but you know, its great to have family who are so willing to help.  And just be there.  Will totally need to get a card to Cousin Dave for his birthday.

Tonight, as I mentioned above, Patrick got sick, and when he gets sick, its all or nothing.  I thought we were good, thats why I gave him his dinner, but nope.. about a half hour later he started coughing.  I didnt think that I had given him a lot, because I know from past experience not to give him a typical meal size.  So his dinner consisted of three peach slices, a half cup water, and about 10 green beans all cut up.

And then, it started.. luckily I saw his eyes well up and I grabbed him, and put him over the sink.. thank goodness for bleach and garbage disposals.

I got the little guy into bed around 8ish, and he's now asleep.. I am so grateful for this time with my Grannie, I got to show her all the genealogy that I have found and have been working on.  And just catch up on people.  Grannie is a great source to hear all the family what nots that are going on.

As tonight draws to a close, I only have about 12 more hours here, and then I do believe we are going to the beach tomorrow, its suppose to be about 90 degrees.  I am very excited for that.

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