Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rivervilla Park

River Villa Park 

Patrick and I got up early to go to the Seaport Celebration at Terminal 2, which was opened to the public for one day.  It was a free event, sponsored by various companies that work on the waterfront.  It was a bust for us, Patrick threw a HUGE tantrum, he wanted to play with some toy trains, but just wasnt in the mood to play alone.  He totally gets to up and beyond a tantrum that its almost like a rebellious fit.  I don't tolerate that, so we left.  He wasn't happy with me when he saw us approaching the car.  I had to take matters into my own hands, and pretty much Mommy-handle him.  I put him in his carseat where he proceeded to bite my wrist... luckily, I am immune to such acts. Meaning, it doesnt hurt

I got into the car, he was still raging, and I thought.. Why today, why did he have to bite me, but it was over as quickly as it came on.  He hasn't bitten me in so long, that I forget when, he started talking and the biting just went away.  Which I am very happy about.

So on our way home, I thought about taking him to a park, but not just any park.  Some place fun, quiet, so we trekked in the opposite direction of home, and first tried to go to Elk Rock park, but I didn't know exactly where it was, so we headed down a street that Daddy said had a park, but it was years ago that he told me this, but we found it, and also found a really nice place to spend some time.

We got to the park, after eating a bit of lunch and I was still leery of his attitude.  So I tested the waters, to see if he would mind and follow directions.  I left my camera in the car once we got down to the River, so I said we had to go back, and here was the true test.  He actually followed me back to the car... PHEW so, once we got down to the River, son immediately hit the dirt looking for rocks to throw into the water...

 The Rocks, he loves to throw rocks, as do most people, someday we will bring down Grammy and she can start teaching Patrick how to skip rocks, I think her personal best is like 11 or 12 skips... across some lake in Canada, I remember that from when I was a little girl.
 The views are amazing.. In almost every direction we look, with the exception of the parking lot was beautiful.  I could turn this into a frequent stop, and it wasn't very crowded which I love.

 Across from us is the start of West Linn, Oregon... I think, there is a part there and a boat launch.  No boat launch on this side, which is why Im thinking its not so crowded. 
 I could have stayed here all day, but the sun was getting hot, and it was approaching nap time, and I knew he was already starting to get to the point of no return.  So We tossed a few more rocks, and then I began my talk of trying to get him back to the car. 
 No, Mommy, I throw rocks... thats what he kept telling me as I asked if he was ready to go. 
 Just a few more rocks Mommy... that lasted about ten more minutes, and then I offered up his nap... see Patrick is one of those rare kids that actually likes naps.... so far LOL, but it worked, I asked if he wanted to go home and take a nap.  Yes Mommy...
Just as we left, we saw more boats coming, and waved to the people from the shore, and we turned, he took my hand, and we got back to the car.

He fell asleep on the way home.  After a short visit at Grammy's, who was having a garage sale, we said goodbye, headed home, and now he's asleep... which means.. I can A. take a nap myself  B. work on packing (were are moving) C. organize D. Nap..... I think I shall choose nap

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