Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Haven't Been here in a while..

Its almost PJ's birthday, can't believe he's almost 3 years old. After working with a Speech Therapist for 6 months, he has made some really serious improvement. I love that he wants to talk to me, and engage with me about certain topics thought his day... Cars, Trains, Colors, Shapes, the Alphabet. He's even learning some nursery rhymes... Rock a by baby is his newest. Sometimes he even sings it fast like a rock ballad..

Fourth of July was here, went to my Mom's and we walked down to the bridge and watched the fireworks, but PJ got bored so we left, and headed home. Upon heading home, I went into the city, and boy what a show, that he got to see from his carseat. We turned around and headed back the other way, and he saw the show continue, squealing with delight about FIREWORKS!!

Got him home, a 11pm, wayyy past his bedtime, he asked for his light on, so he could "read", and before I know it, he was asleep in his bed... so I turned off his light, and at 6am, he woke up, Uggh.. I was not ready for that.. LOL

But we managed, Kevin was gone, and wouldnt be home until today, but we are getting into a nice routine, Daddy is home a few days a week, and gone a few days a week, and it is just a nice little process that we work through.

I had another phone interview today, I am hopeful that I will get a call back for an in person interview, but I need to really punch through the 2nd interview and get hired.. I would love to work part time at this clinic, and also be home for my son, that is the American dream for me. Save our money and buy our first home...

I hope to be learning to can this summer, its been many years since my family has canned anything. But i ordered a few books, that will help with this process, i believe its more economical, and healthy for us to do this. Plus, with glass jars, you just wash and re-use. And i like that.. really tired of the processed foods out there... so many more people are going this route, and I think my generation is bringing back the homesteader ideals...

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