Friday, July 22, 2011

We're Moving and other news

If you have followed my blog then you know of the trying times we have had.  But we are moving into a house, and out of my in law's basement.  We are hoping to save enough money so that we can buy our own home next year.

We considered moving back to an apartment, but that wouldn't be really fair to our son, who has had his own yard and patio to play in for over a year.  So we are taking this house, and going to be cheap for a year and save so we can own our own home.  Renting a house doesn't thrill me, but it will, its the anxiety of packing, moving, paying someone else's mortgage.  I want my own mortgage, we will get there, just need to be patient, and move out first.

Patrick started his early intervention school last week for his language delay.  He's no longer delayed by any means, just working with a speech therapist in a group setting for pronunciation and phonics.  He took about a half hour to adjust being there, and then I asked him for a kiss goodbye and I left him by himself.  I was quite surprised at how this turned out. I didnt cry, and neither did PJ.  He's becoming such a little man, and I love it.  But when I returned to pick him up, he was very happy to see me and said good-bye to his teacher.  It was very wonderful to see new experiences happening for him.  I like to introduce him to knew ideas and places, because when I was little I wanted to do so much, but was very much filled with anxiety.  So by he and I doing new things together it is pleasureable for both of us.

And when Kevin is home, the three of us do things together, and it is my great hope that the weather is nice when we go to the Beach with Uncle Dave and Aunt Michelle.  Patrick loves the ocean, and after that little trip, then PJ, my Mom, and I will be going to the beach for a few days, like we did when I was a little girl.

Patrick and I will be taking a huge adventure together soon, I'm taking him to the Portland Air Show, I'm hoping that this will be something he will really enjoy.  Especially when the fireworks go off.. LOL

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