Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Building Up... again

So we started back to the gym today after a one month hiatus. First we were in Montana for a week, then my mom was in the Caribbean and brought back a flu bug. So once she got over it, my son got it, and so now that everyone is all better, she, my son and I started back and the gym. Our favorite kids club person was there, Megan, we adore her and Patrick adores her, but today upon returning we discovered blond Megan was now red-headed Megan and Patrick wasn't sure what to make of her.

He made that little frowny face as if to say I'm not so sure about this, but we got him signed in and we left, and as soon as we walked away he was crying, but I left anyhow, and said I'm sure he wont last 15 minutes.

In all he lasted about 30 minutes which gave Mom and I the chance to just get a little sweaty. I am on the leg press, with 100lbs on the stack and I hear my name over the P.A., so we get our stuff and walk into kids club, right when he saw me the mild fake cry turned into a huge bawl!

Each day we go back and get him use to being with the kids club, we hope we can get back to our hour and a half workout.

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