Monday, June 15, 2009


This is one of my many hobbies that I love, but also the one that can drive me to stay up really late full well knowing that my son will be waking me up at 5am-6am, its amazing how sucked in I can get with documents from the 1800's or books that are available on Google that I'll read into the late night looking for any information that I come across regarding my family and the ties that bind. My Grannie, she gave me all of her work, and I have been adding to it, either photos that I find, and print out, and link them with files that I have or she has, and compile it all together, no I'm not going to write a huge book about my family, but it will be nice for future generations to see where my family has been, what they have gone thru. So many people know the basics of their families beginnings, but how maybe can trace back to the 1200's and found the direct line to the lineage? I get sucked in, and usually I wait til after my son goes to bed before I start dragging out files. I have learned that if you cant trace your roots back past 200 years, its because you probably weren't a royal, or a noblemen. Records weren't kept far back in certain areas of the world, so someday I hope to find a church with records past 1700 in Germany, you just never know, eventually everything will end up on the internet. The current project that I am working on is my maternal Grandfathers side, because that is the one that has all the roadblocks, and its a challenge, and I love a challenge...

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