Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spa Pedi...

If you have never indulged yourself in a spa pedi I highly recommend it. Dont know what one is? I will fill you in.. if you are male, you dont need to pick a toe polish color, unless you really want to, but that is the first step, second step, take off your shoes and put them in the filling pool of water for your feet and sit in the best leather massage chair ever. I immediately put my chair on massage and vibrate and wow, tension is leaving my body. I am soaking for a few minutes, they put bath crystals in the foot spa and the bubbles start to perk around my feet in the hot water.. MMm total pleasure. The lady comes and sits at my feet, another offers me water or tea, I chose cold water because soon my feet are going to be hot. She starts scrubbing my feet, and then cleaning my toes, and trimming them, and just working them real well.

Then the best part comes in, she rolls my pant legs up to my knees and takes this gritty bath salt/ lotion and starts to massage my legs, calves and feet, then toes, and just works the sea salt all the way over my legs.. first one then the other.. Mmm

Then I get a hot towel, which for me was way to hot, but she let it cool down, and wraps my legs up in them, leaving out my toes, time for a paint job. She checks them over, to make sure she got everything filed down just perfect, and the skin is nice and cleanly trimmed. Most massaging, this time my toes, and wow, she does a great job. Then she leaves me, and comes back with two baggies with hot wax in them, and she puts my feet in them, and just lets them soak in the hot wax until it firms up around my feet. She removes them, and my feet feel so silky!

I picked a fuchsia color for my toes, seeing as how I have this great new bag from Vera Bradley, that I just had to have for my birthday. She gently applies the toe-polish, taking care to get it just perfect. And they are so nice and pretty, almost like having new feet.

She puts them up to dry, removes the hot towel, and pulls my pant legs down, and helps me on with my flip flops, those are mandatory if you get a pedi, so you don't ruin your polish... and she gets me another glass of water, and I sit there and let them dry, and once I am done, she helps me up out of the chair, not helped, more like courtesy... so wonderful...

My mom is going to babysit for me next month so my boyfriend and I can go together, and get a treatment, it will be his first time, and you know what, I think this will become a together thing for us.. you know how couples have her things, his things and their things to do, I know this will move from my thing, to our thing, because once you go, you cant stop, especially when they pamper you. In all my total treatment was 1 hour and 30 minutes!!!!

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