Monday, June 15, 2009

The Morning Ritual..

So this morning Patrick, notices that I'm getting dressed and not staying in shorts, or pajamas, and he starts squealing, why you ask, because he knows he's going to be getting dressed soon as well, and that means car ride or stroller ride. He's very funny, starts tugging on my jeans, and I'm trying to put on my socks, and he's right there, my shadow, how wonderful it is to have this little blessing I call son. So we are all ready, we are headed to my Mom's, Patricks birthday is almost here, he'll be the big ONE, so its to Party City for all the 1st Birthday stuff we can find. It's not going to be a huge production, but there will be lots of food and lots of family and friends. The day goes off like a hitch, after the store, we head home, and like a sweet lamb, he goes down for a nap... not to busy of a day, but busy enough.

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