Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop is Gone..

As a young girl of about 7, I heard Michael Jackson for the first time.. and then my mom heard him, and she told me about the Jackson 5. I was very interested, and we started to buy his music, and we played it all the time.. we were great fans of his. I remember one winter, I got gloves just like his for Christmas, and my grandmother making the comment of me only having one on, and she said, thats just like Michael, so even older people knew about him, not just pre-teens who gobbled up his music, the records, the tapes, and eventually the C.D.'s. We wanted it all no matter how it came about. He is the King of Pop, and for my generation he is the biggest music icon in the world. If you go to Japan they know who he is, you go to Africa they know him, and the same for South America, and the world over. No matter where you were, everyone knew Michael Jackson, and now, this King has left a huge legacy behind. He will live forever thru his music, and the videos that were made.

When my mom was growing up, Elvis was the biggest thing, and he passed away and brought great joy and then saddness to the world. My generation is saying Goodbye to Michael Jackson today and its very sas, to suddenly say goodbye to this great artist.

Despite his troubles, he brought musical ideas to the table that just amazed the world, not only could he dance and sing, but he could sell his music. I have been watching the news, and one thing is for sure, so many people love him. I hear so many stars of today saying, he inspired them to go out and try. He will truly be missed, mostly by his children, family and friends, but also by his fans...

Peace be with Michael Jackson's family...

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